About RSM

RSM Aviation is an innovative aviation company dedicated to Helicopter and Aircraft sales and their owners.

Owned by Max Smith a R22 & R44 helicopter, Microlight and Fixed Wing pilot of some 19 years we don’t just sell helicopters and aircraft we fly them as well. On our site you will see available Helicopter, Aircraft and Landing Sites. We also have links to relevant service providers.

Why sell with RSM?

Here at RSM we understand what is needed when selling an Aircraft, you probably already have an idea what you think its worth but need to let the market know its for sale, this is where we help out, no other website direct mails, emails and targets prospective purchases more than we do.

We have a list of people looking for specific aircraft and speak to many of the dealers/brokers across europe on a regular basis. If you want maximum exposure for minimum cost then give us a try.